Document Due Date for Review

Each Document has a Due Date. It's used to track when the document should next be reviewed - either to release a new version, or just to check the document is still current and relevant. 

If you are the nominated Editor, Approver, or one of the Reviewers you'll see the document come up on your Work list when that Due Date approaches.

Setting a Due Date

To set a Due Date, edit the document and choose a date.

When a new version is being released, the Document Approver can choose the next review Due Date:

Default Review Period

You can also set a default review period for a document, e.g. 1 year, 6 months, etc.

When a new version is being released, the 'Due Date for next review' will be filled in automatically for the Approver.

The Approver can still edit the suggested date if they need to.