Edit List of Types

All of the modules in QSToolbox have a "Types" field (or equivalent) that you can customise to suit your organisation. 

To edit the list of Types, you will need be in the 'Staff' user group. 

Go to Settings. If you don't see a gear/cog icon in the top right, then you don't have permission to change settings.

Look for 'Types' under the module that you want to change. You can either click on the 'Change' link, or on 'Types' to view the current list of types for this module. 

To add a new type, click on "Add Type" button at the top right. 

To edit an existing type, click on the name. 

When you edit an existing type, all of the content that is currently linked to this type will stay linked when you edit the name of the type.

You can delete a Type that is not relevant. (There is no undo, and any content linked to this type will have no type selected.)

You can make your list of Types hierarchical by selecting a 'Parent'. 

This will appear as a sub-type in the list:

When you search Issues for Type = Audit Finding, you'll see all audit findings. To only see Internal Audit Findings, search for 'Audit Finding > Internal'.