Add details of People were involved in an Incident

For privacy reasons, information stored in QSToolbox about who was involved in an incident has limited access:

  • Member users can add people to an Incident, but cannot view the information. 
  • Only Staff and Incident_manager users will be able to see this information. 

To add details of the people involved - who was injured, witnesses, etc,  switch to the "PEOPLE" tab. 

Fill in the details in the form beneath and click "SAVE PERSON". You can continue to add as many people as needed.

  • Type - the nature of the persons involvement - Injured, Witness, First Aider, etc. 
  • Relation - the person's relationship to the organisation - Employee, Contractor, Visitor, etc
  • Name (required) - enter the name of the person.
  • Phone - Enter their contact information in case there are followup questions. 

Click "SAVE". If you're a member user, you won't be able to see the information after you save.