KPI report

This KPI report will be useful for managers who are trying to review multiple KPIs, particularly when those KPIs are being reported by different people. KPIs might be objectives data, audit results, monitoring data, etc.

Go to the Registers module and use the search options to filter the list to show the Registers you want to see.

Access the report by clicking on the grid tab over on the right hand side. This will immediately download the report as a csv file.

tab to export KPI report

The report shows the KPI data from the last 12 months of records for each Register in your search results:

The value shown in the report comes from the KPI field in Records:

You can define what value should be entered in the KPI field, using the "KPI help text" field in the Register:

For the KPI Report, if there is more than one record in a month, the report will show the KPI value for the latest Record Date that month.