Searching for Documents

Like most of the other modules, there are multiple search areas at the top of the Documents register. 


(If you don't see anything here, then there aren't any tags created yet)

If you select or unselect a tag, the search will update automatically. More tags will narrow the results.


When you select a value from the dropdown menus, the search will update automatically.
For 'Text Search', you need to hit enter or tab to execute the search. 
  • State: Select a workflow state
  • Text Search: keywords
  • Type: The Type of documents to look in
  • Editor: Who is assigned as editor
  • Approver:Who is assigned to approve and release the document
  • Due date: Find documents by when they are due for review
  • Created at: When the document was created

Quick searches:

Clicking on the tabs will update the search automatically.

Click "SHOW ALL" to reset all the search parameters.

  • MINE: documents assigned to me
  • FOLLOWING: documents I'm following
  • SOON: documents due soon
  • LATE: documents that are past their due date
  • NEW: documents created in the last 7 days
  • A, B, C: these are saved searches, or "collections" - create them with 'bulk actions' at the bottom of the register.

You can use all three areas in you search to find the document you need:

The search results will be displayed in the register below, along with a count of how many matches

e.g., "3 found of 533 total"