Risks Overview

The Risk module can be used for business risks, safety risks, production risks, compliance risks - anything risks. 

The Risks module is a central reference point for how common risks are controlled - risks that may arise in many different processes. e.g. Manual handling applies to incoming goods, shipping, production steps, etc. The basic controls are probably very similar, so you could use the risk register in QSToolbox as the reference/starting point for your task specific RAs.

Add a Risk to begin a Risk Assessment. You'll also describe the controls you have in place to address the risk, or use 'Tasks' under the Risk to make a plan to introduce controls. 

Each Risk you identify is added to Toolbox and together they make up your Risk Register that can be searched, filtered, exported. 

Configure the Risks module with your Types & Ratings.

Toolbox follows a standard approach to Risk Management: 

  • Establish the context
  • Identify the risk
  • Analyse the risk
  • Evaluate the risk
  • Treat the risk
  • Monitor and Review

The Issues module is good for identifying new hazards, risks and implementing new controls. The problem is that once the Issue is closed there's no mechanism for reviewing the Risk Assessment. That's what the 'RIsks' module is good for.