How to release a document

With a document in Draft, there are three steps to release a document:
  1. Submit the document (Editor)
  2. Review the document to ensure it is suitable for use (Reviewers, Approver)
  3. Approve and Release the document (Approver)

1. Submit for Review

You can't release an empty document so you'll need to have something under the 'Content' section of your document. 

Before you release a document you also need to complete the revision information - either a Revision Date and/or a Revision Number, and you must have something entered into 'Revision Note."  

#1 Click on EDIT to update the Revision information. 

#2 Then click on "SUBMIT FOR REVIEW"

This will open up an optional comment field where you can send a message along with the email notification to the document reviewers and approver.

#3 Click on OK to submit the document. 

The document will now be in "Pending" and can't be edited. If you need to fix a mistake, click on "RETRACT" to bring the document back to Draft. 

A notification email will have been sent to the Reviewers and Approver to let them know the document is ready for review:

2. Review

The Reviewers can access the pending document in order to read it and provide feedback. Leave comments under the 'Comments' tab.

3. Approve for Release

The nominated Approver will see two workflow buttons on the PENDING tab - REJECT and APPROVE FOR RELEASE. 

Click on APPROVE FOR RELEASE and an optional comment field will pop open. Click OK to process the approval and release the document.

(If you choose REJECT, then you'll also get a chance to add a comment before clicking OK. )