Edit a document

First, you need to access the 'Draft" tab.
The Draft tab will switch to 'Pending' if the document has been sent for review. You can't edit while the document is pending review. 

If the document is Pending review, you’ll have to wait until the pending version has been approved (or rejected) by the Approver. Or you can “retract” the pending version back to draft - use the workflow buttons.

If you don't see either 'Draft' or 'Pending' then you don't have permission to edit the document. 


To edit a document you will need to have the correct permissions. In most cases this means you are the nominated 'Editor' for this document, (or you have elevated privileges through a manager role). 

Charlie is the Editor and can make changes. Tess, Yasmin, & Corinna can view the Draft & Pending versions but can't make changes. Only the Approver can release the document. 

Edit the Draft Document

Within the Draft tab, you'll edit the various blocks of content by clicking on the corresponding pencil icon to the right of the block. It doesn't matter whether you are editing text, an image, a drawing or a file attachment - they will each have an edit icon to the right. If the content block is large - lots of text, a large image or drawing, then the edit icon will be at the top right. For a document with several content blocks, you will edit and save each block separately. 
If you can access the 'Draft' tab, but you don't see any pencil 'edit' icons, then you have permission to view the Draft, but not to change it. This probably means you are a 'Reviewer' or the 'Approver' for this document. 

Update / Replace a File Attachment

You can't edit a document that is stored in Toolbox as an attached file. You can only replace the file. 
To make changes to the file, download the version you want to start with (this is usually the current draft version, but it might be the released version, or a superseded version of the file) and then edit it using the original application. Once you are done editing the file, save it on your computer and then upload the updated file back in to Toolbox. 
To replace the existing file attachment with an updated version, click on the pencil icon to edit the file content block.

n the 'Edit file' window, click on the 'File' button and choose the new file. Click on 'Save'. This will replace the file in the draft document. 

This will only change the file stored under the 'draft' tab. The version(s) of the file stored under the 'released' or 'superseded' tabs will not be affected. 
If your document has a hidden master 'working' file and a pdf 'for release', you'll need to update both files. 

Update Content

If you have created your document directly in Toolbox, you can edit the content without having to download anything. 
In the 'draft' tab, just click on the ‘pencil’ icon next to the section you want to change.
This will open up the text editor window, or an image upload window, or the diagram editor. 
Don’t forget to save when you are done to keep the changes you’ve made. Choose cancel to discard the changes.
Use the trashcan icon to delete sections.
Reorder sections by dragging the grip icon (three stacked horizontal lines) for the section you want to move.
You can add more sections using the “+ Add” buttons at the bottom. The new section will always appear at the bottom, but you can change its position after you save it.

Update the revision info

Add some notes on what changes you made. 

Send for review - maybe

If you have finished editing the draft and it is ready to be reviewed for release, click on the 'submit for review' button to send it to your reviewer. 

If you're not done yet, just leave it be, and the draft will be waiting for you when you come back. Team members can't access your unfinished draft. They'll only see the previously released version (if there is one).