A Job in Toolbox contains a brief description of the role and sets the competency requirements for that role.

For example, the First Aid Officer (Job) must hold a First Aid Certificate (Competency). A Job can have many required competencies. 

An Employee can be assigned several 'Jobs' or roles - each with their own requirements. The Employee will pick up all the requirements from all of the assigned Jobs. 

Add a new Job

Go to the Training module and select Jobs in the green menubar. Then Click on 'Add Job'

Then fill in the details. 

Name (required) - The job title or a brief descriptive name. You'll see this in the drop-down menu to assign a job to an employee.

Description - A description of what the job involves. 

Competency Requirements - the competencies required to perform this role. (Stick to requirements and leave out 'nice to have')