An 'Employee' in Toolbox collects basic contact information, and holds all of their training records.

All your employees can be listed in QSToolbox regardless of whether they have a user login or not.
You might also include other personnel you need to manage training records for, e.g. subcontractors, distributors, franchise partners, etc.
You can filter the list of employees by Group to make it easier to manage large numbers. Create Groups in Settings. 

Add an Employee

Go to the Training module and select Employees in the green menubar. Then Click on 'Add Employee' on the right. 

Fill in the details. Only Name is required.

Name (required) - the full name. Employees are sorted alphabetically by name, so if you prefer sorting by last name you should enter the last name first followed by the first name, e.g. Smith, John 
Employee # - employee number or another ID number
Group - groups are used to filter employees. You create groups in Settings
Inactive - When an employee leaves the company you can archive their records by marking them as inactive. 
Assignee - who is responsible for keeping this employee records up to date. It might be an HR person, or the employee's manager. 
Description - any info you want to record about this employee. 
Jobs - which jobs are assigned to this employee. This determines the training records that will be needed. 
Email, Phone, Mobile - Contact details.
Location - where they are based. This field is searchable in the register. 
Projects - are they associated with any projects in your site. 
File - a profile photo to assist in identification
Tags - tags are used to filter your search results. Add any that apply to this employee, (No tags? Create them in Settings)