Training Records

A Training Record in QSToolbox 'ticks off' required competencies, or can simply note what skills your employees have.
Some qualifications have expiry dates, and Toolbox helps you keep track of these and will send reminders.

Add a Training Record

To add a Training Record, you need to have at least one Competency and one Employee already added to Toolbox.

You will also need sufficient permissions to view the employee details. 

Go to the Employee you want to add a record for and click on "Add a Record to this Employee".

Then fill in the details for the Training Record.

If you have a Form defined in Toolbox that you want to use to collect data with this record, click on "+ADD FORM TO RECORD" and choose the relevant form from the list.
If you don't need to use a form, you can click on "NO THANKS (or just ignore it). 
Competency: Select which competency this record is for. Note that you can select anything on the list regardless of whether the competency is required for this employee. 
Record Date: This is when the training was completed, or when the certificate or licence was issued ( not the date you uploaded it)
Expiry Date: When this record will no longer current/valid. If this training record is for something that is required for this employee, the expiry date is effectively a due date. When you're defining a competency, you can set a default expiry period and Toolbox will use it to pre-fill the Expiry date Field when you enter a Record Date. You can overwrite the calculated value with a different Expiry Date. 
FILE: upload files(s) relevant to this record, e.g. the training certificate, licence, a completed quiz, a VOC form, etc..
Notes: notes on what this record is about or important details you want to easily access. The notes field may contain the entire record information or just notes on what is in the attached file. You can see the first part of the notes in the list of training records, so it can help to enter important details (e.g. a licence number) or have a short summary. 
Click on " SAVE" to save the record.