QR codes

QR Code for Quality Systems website

Toolbox generates QR codes for some items to give you a way to quickly access the information stored in Toolbox. 

What are QR Codes?

QR codes are a way to make small amounts of information - like a URL, readable by a computer - like your mobile device. 

You can read text like "https://qualitysystems.com" and recognise it as a URL and know that you should use a browser to open it. This simple task is actually a difficult thing for a computer to do. The QR Code shown on the right is just a way to put this same text and the action into a format that a computer can interpret. 

When you scan the QR code, your device gets the information, and because it's a URL, it will open it in a web browser. 

Think of these QR codes as equivalent to a browser bookmark, that you can physically attach to something out in the real world, and use to go to relevant information in the digital world. 

What has QR codes in Toolbox?

Look for the QR code icon - to the left of the title. Click the icon to view the QR code. 

Individual Documents, Assets, and Registers have their own generated QR code. 

You see these when you view an item, like the forklift below. 

There's also QR codes available for adding new NCR/CAPA, hazards, injuries and other Issues and Incidents. 

You can go straight to an 'Add Record' form using a QR code. You'll see these when you're on the "Add" form.

If you're tracking and reporting on Issues by location, department, or projects you can pre-select the relevant Toolbox 'Project' in the QR code so you don't have to rely on users to remember to enter it.

Examples of how to use QR codes

Print the QR code for the asset view in QSToolbox and attach it to the asset to make it very easy to access (or add) records for this forklift.

Attach a QR code for a machine operating procedure to the machine. Scanning the QR code will always go to the most up to date version of the procedure in QSToolbox. 

Where you use hardcopies of documents, you could incorporate the QR code into the document itself. Now the hardcopy document has an easy to follow link back to the controlled version in QSToolbox. 

Attach a QR code to a workstation so that operators can simply scan the code with their mobile to reach the correct form to fill in with process data for that workstation.

Attach a QR code to the vehicle dashboard to replace paper pre-start inspection forms.

Post the 'Report an Issue' QR code on the workshop notice board to reduce the barriers for workers to report nonconformance.