Supplier Evaluations

You can manage supplier evaluations in QSToolbox in the Contacts module. 

First create a 'Requirement' for Supplier Evaluations. 

Go to Contacts, Requirements and click on 'Add Requirement'. Fill in the details. 

Set the default expiry period to how often you want to repeat the evaluation. You might choose to set up different evaluation requirements at different frequencies for high risk vs low risk suppliers. 

For each supplier, choose the applicable requirements (either when you add a new supplier, or edit the contact). If you want reminders about Supplier Evaluations, choose it as a requirement. 

(You can still add records of supplier evaluations for a contact even if it is not set as a requirement. It just means you won't receive a reminder.)

To meet the requirement, add a record for the contact. 

If you have defined a supplier evaluation in the Forms module, select that first.  This will add the form questions to the bottom of the record. Then select 'Supplier Evaluation' from the list of requirements to identify what this record is for. 

Then fill in the Record date and the remaining fields to complete the evaluation. 

Save the record and you're all done. 

The expiry date for this record is the due date for the next evaluation of this Supplier, and the assignee for this contact will see a reminder on their work list.