Collections - A B C tabs

The A, B, C tabs are for your own saved collections of content items. 

Perhaps you have a set of Documents you always refer to - save them as a collection under one of your A, B, C tabs.

Add content to a collection

To add or remove items from a collection, use the "Bulk Actions" button at the bottom of the search results. 

You'll need to select some items (or all of the search results) and then choose what you want to do with them:

As soon as you choose a collection (A, B or C) they'll be added to that collection. 

Remove items the same way, with "Remove from Collection"

View a Collection

To see the items in your collection, just click on the relevant A, B, or C tab. 

Clear a Collection

If you want to clear a collection, first select the tab (so your search results shows the entire collection). Choose Bulk actions and Select All. Then choose 'Remove from Collection'. 

Share a Collection

You can share your collection with someone else via the URL, which will look something like this:

<your site>/documents/?collection=412

If you want to copy their collection, just view the URL they've shared and then use Bulk Actions to add those results to one of your own collection tabs.