Add a new Register

Go the the Registers module and look for the "+ADD REGISTER" button over on the right hand side.

Click the button to open the Add Register form.
You must give your new Register a name and this is what you'll see in the list view. Everything else is optional so you can start with a name and come back to enter the remaining details later.

  • Name (required) - a name to identify the asset in the register.
  • Type - type of register - for reporting or searching. Change the list options in settings.
  • Description - more details about what goes in the register. 
  • Assignee - who is responsible for adding records to this Register (will see on their Worklist reminder)
  • Expire Every - (optional) repeat frequency - how many periods between due dates
  • Expire period - (optional) repeat frequency - choose days, months, weeks
  • Start - (optional) the first Due Date - used with Expire every and Expire period to calculate repeating due dates
  • Form - (optional) select a released Form from the Forms module to use with every record in this register. If you're uploading files you probably don't need to select a form. 
  • Projects - select any Project(s) this Register is associated with (e.g. a site, a department, a construction project). You'll see this register listed in the Project. If you don't see anything to choose, there aren't any active projects in your site. 
  • Tags - used in searching and reporting. You can apply multiple tags. If you don't see anything to choose, you'll need to add some Tags in Settings.
  • KPI help text - text to display underneath the KPI field in the Add Record form to help users know what to enter in the KPI field