Add a Record to a Register

Records are for capturing the data that is being collected in the Register.

For a Register of meeting minutes, each record will hold the minutes from one meeting. To capture the meeting minutes for the next meeting, add another record.

Records in a single Register should be for the same kind of thing - e.g., minutes each month for the same monthly meeting (a safety meeting, a production meeting, toolbox talk meeting, etc) and not all the minutes of all the different meetings. 

Add a Record to a Register that has repeating due dates

On the timeline, click the blue '+' to add a Record for the upcoming due date:

click in the timeline to add a record for that due date

This will open up the Add Record screen, with the selected date automatically entered as the scheduled date:

The "Date Scheduled" field is how Toolbox matches records to the correct repeat date.

You can also add past due records by hovering over the red cross (e.g. for May above) and clicking on the '+' add button that appears.

If you want to add a record for a date that isn't shown on the timeline, use the 'Add a Record to the Register' button.

Add a Record to a Register that does not repeat.

Open the relevant Register and look for the 'Add a Record to the Register' button:

Button to add a record to the register

This will open up the 'Add Record' screen for you to fill in:

Record Date - (required) the date the work was performed or data received (may not be the date you upload the record)

[Date Scheduled] - if the register has repeating due dates, select which due date this record corresponds to. This is how QSToolbox 'ticks off' the correct due date as done. 

KPI - a key performance indicator that has been defined for this Register. 

File - upload any attachments, e.g. meeting minutes, audit report, data analysis, etc.

Content Item - link to other content in QSToolbox that is relevant to this record, e.g., service provider

Notes - text field for any notes or comments about this record, or enter directly the information you need to capture, e.g., minutes for a meeting, contents of an office memo, etc.

[form fields] - If the register has a linked Form, the form fields will appear here. 

Don't forget to click on 'save record':

Add records by email, or via QR code

You can also add records to a Register by email or by scanning the QR code on your mobile device. 

Click the QR code icon at the top left to access the code for the 'Add Record' screen. Print and attach it to a physical location close to where users need to add records, so they can scan the QR code and go directly to filling in the form. 

To add records by email, click the link at the top right to view and copy the unique email address for this Register. Add it to your email address book with a meaningful name so that you can easily add records by sending or forwarding emails to QSToolbox.