Add an Asset Record

Use Asset Records to capture maintenance, calibration, insurance, registration, upgrades, notes, anything and everything related to this asset. It can be routine scheduled work, or unplanned maintenance or repairs. 

You'll be able to see the full history of an asset in Toolbox so you can make informed decisions about repair or end-of-useful life. 

You'll need to have already defined some asset requirements so you can select what kind of record you're adding. 

To add a record, first open the relevant Asset, and go to the 'RECORDS' tab. 
Then click on the button "Add a Record to this Asset".

This will open up the form to add a record. 

If you have a Form defined in Toolbox that you want to use to collect data with this record, click on "+ADD FORM TO RECORD" and choose the relevant form from the list. 
If you don't need to use a form, you can click on "NO THANKS (or just ignore it). 
Requirement: Select which asset requirement this record is about. In this case, we want to add a Maintenance record. Note that you can select anything on the list regardless of whether that record type is required for this asset. 
Record Date: This is the date the work was done (not the date you uploaded it)
Expiry Date: When this record will no longer current/valid. If this asset record is for something that is required for this asset, the expiry date is effectively a due date - in this case, for maintenance. When you're defining the types of requirements you want to track, you can set a default expiry period and Toolbox will pre-fill this field when you enter a Record Date. You can overwrite the calculated value.
FILE: upload files(s) relevant to this record, e.g. the service report, a calibration certificate, etc.
Notes: any details or notes about what this record is about. This may be the entire record information or just notes on what is contained in the attached file.  You can see the first part of the notes in the list of asset records, so it helps to have a short summary. 
Click on " SAVE" to save the record.