Asset Requirements

Asset 'Requirements" are things like inspections, maintenance, calibration, insurance, testing, registrations, etc. This is how you define what you want to be able to track for your assets. 

For requirements like calibration that happen on a regular basis, you also define how long a record is valid for. A requirement that expires after 12 months will mean that it must be repeated annually. 

The same requirement can apply to multiple assets, and each asset can be assigned multiple requirements.

How are 'Requirements' used? 

When you add an asset, you select the applicable requirement(s).

When you add an asset record, you'll select what 'requirement' it is for.

Toolbox will compare the asset's records to what is required and let you know about compliance gaps and upcoming (or late) due dates. 

Use the Asset 'Gaps' report to see the compliance status of your all assets.

Create a new Requirement

Go to the Assets module and select 'REQUIREMENTS" in the green menubar.  Click on the "+ ADD REQUIREMENT" button in the top right. (if you have permission to add new Asset Requirements).

Give the requirement a name to identify it in the drop-down lists, and set a default expiry period if there is one. You can add an optional description with more details on what the requirement entails.

e.g. You determine that all of your vehicles should have a 6 monthly service. 
Create a requirement called "Vehicle Service" and choose a default expiry period of 6 months.

Assign Asset Requirements

When you create or edit an asset, click inside the 'Requirements' field to pop open the list of requirements

Select all of the items that apply to this asset:

Save and view the asset. You'll see the list of 'Requirements" at the top right. This section heading will be orange if there are missing items ('gaps') and green when there is a valid record for every requirement. 

This asset doesn't have any current records for "Vehicle Service", so it will be flagged as a compliance gap.

The record for 'Safety Inspection - Annual' has expired, so the record is no longer valid and this is also a compliance gap. 

Add an Asset Record to fill a Gap in Requirements

When you service the vehicle, add an Asset Record.

The Record Date is when the service was performed (not the date you upload the record). 

Because the "Vehicle Service" requirement  says it must be done every 6 months, Toolbox will suggest an expiry date 6 months from the record date. You can change the expiry date for this record if you need to. (e.g. the service report says come back in 3 months).

Upload a file attachment (e.g. the service report) and any comments (e.g. brief notes on what was done) and click on 'SAVE RECORD". 

As long as the Service was performed less than 6 months ago, this record will fulfil the requirement for a "Vehicle Service".

Toolbox will put the requirement on the Assignee's worklist to let them know when it will be due.