Add an Action to an Issue

To progress an Issue, you will be adding 'Actions'. 

Look for the 'Actions' tab underneath the issue description. 

To add an action you'll fill in the form under the actions tab. 

If there are already actions for this Issues, you'll need to scroll through the story of the Issue to add the next part at the bottom. 

You can choose to Add a Form (defined in the 'Forms' module), or skip it. 

Type: Select what step in the corrective actions process you're describing. Here's more on what's expected for each type.

Description: The details of what's been done for this action or what's happened

File: Choose files and or images to upload along with your action

Change Issue status?: If you have the right permissions (assignee, or a manager user) you'll be able to change the status. 

Save your response by clicking on "SAVE ACTION".