Finding Assets

Use the search options at the top of the Assets register to find what you want in Assets.

You can search by tags, by fields, and/or the tabs. You can also use the global search at the top and then narrow down by module.

Tab searches

Here's what the tab searches mean in Assets

SHOW ALL - returns all of the assets in your site
MINE - returns assets where you are the assignee
FOLLOWING - all assets you are 'following'. This happens by default if you are the assignee. You can also control which assets you follow or not, by toggling the "FOLLOW / UNFOLLOW' button at the top right of an assets. 
SOON - assets with a due date in the next 7 days
LATE - assets with a past due date
GAPS - assets with a compliance gap (missing or expired records for assigned requirements)
NO GAPS - assets that are compliant (have valid records to match all requirements)
NEW - assets created within the last 7 days
A, B, C - these are your own personal saved searches, called 'Collections'. To create a collection, use the "Bulk Actions" button at the bottom of the document register. Select the assets you want for your collection and then choose bulk action "Add to Collection".