Add Team Members

How to add or remove project Team members, and set their permissions.

Look for the gear icon up in the top right. If you don't see this icon, then you don't have permission to change Settings or Manage Users.  You'll have to ask a Site Admin to help. 

Adding a new user

Click on the Settings gear icon to access the Site Administration view, and look for "USERS" at the top of the list. 
You can add a new user directly by clicking on the "+ Add" button.
To see the list of users first, click on "Change". You can add a user from the list view with the add button over on the top right:

In the Add User form, you'll need to fill in all the fields:
  • Username - used to login. There are some limits to the characters you can use. 
  • First name - 
  • Last name - 
  • Email - used for system notifications, reminders, password resets. Each account needs a unique email address. 
  • Password - set a password for this username
  • Password Confirmation - enter exactly the same password to confirm it.

For new accounts, we recommend setting a random password and then have the user go through the reset password process to set their own password. 

If you try to create an account with a duplicate email you'll see an error: 
"User with this Email address already exists."

Set permissions group

After you save the new user, you'll get a chance to set their permissions. This is managed by assigning them to a group. Look for the heading "PERMISSIONS".
When you first create a new user, they won't be assigned any permission group. You can see that "Chosen groups" on the right hand side is empty. 
A user with no chosen group will only be able to view content. They are effectively an 'Observer'. You can't assign anything to an Observer. 
Most users will be 'members'. Members can add new content (e.g. to report an Issue) and edit items that have been assigned to them (e.g. to tick off a task as 'done')
Double click on the group on the left to move it to the right. You can also click once to select the group and then use the arrows in the middle to move it over to "Chosen groups".
Here's more on managing user permissions.
To go back to your Toolbox site, click on "VIEW SITE" up in the top right.