Manage permissions

Permissions are managed by assigning the user to a group, or multiple groups. 
(To manage users, you'll need to be assigned the 'staff' group.)

Click on the Settings gear icon to access the Site Administration view, and look for the "USERS" heading at the top of the list. Click on 'Users' to see the list of users, and click on the person you want to change. 

When you're viewing the user, look for the heading "Permissions", where you'll see a box with the available permission groups and another box showing the 'chosen groups' for that user.

New users can only view

When a new user is created, they won't be assigned to any groups. In the picture above, you can see that "Chosen groups" on the right hand side is empty. Users not assigned any group are effectively "Observer" users who can view, but not add or edit anything. 

Most users should be 'members'

Most users will be assigned the 'members' group. In general, members can add new content (e.g. to report an issue), and edit content that is assigned to them. 
Members can't delete any content and can't manage users or settings. 
You can give users elevated permissions for individual modules by adding the relevant module manager group, e.g. "issues_managers" have full access in the Issues module.
In the video below, the user is given manager rights for the training and assets modules.

How to assign permission groups

In the left box are the available permission groups. Double click on a group on the left to move it to the right (and vice-versa). You can also click once to select the group(s) and then use the arrows in the middle to move it over to "Chosen groups".

Don't forget to SAVE your changes

To keep your changes, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on "SAVE" at the bottom right.
To go back to your Toolbox site, click on "VIEW SITE" up in the top right.