Issues Overview

Use Toolbox Issues for centralised, visible management of non-conformance and corrective action, audit findings, supplier issues, customer complaints, etc. No paper forms, no spreadsheet registers, no more endless email follow up - it’s all in Toolbox.

There is a pre-set list of issue types to get you started, but you can easily customise the issue types to suit the kinds of problems you want to track, the terms you use to describe them, and your reporting needs.

Here's an example of some of the types of Issues you could track in Toolbox:
  • Audit Finding
  • Customer Complaint
  • Design / Specification Issue
  • Document Change
  • Environmental Issue
  • Improvement Request
  • Maintenance Issue
  • Product / Process Non-conformance
  • Safety Issue
  • Supplier Issue


Issues are processed by adding ' Actions'. There is a guided process to follow shown at the top of the issue. 

The 'Actions' tell the story, capture evidence, and form an audit trail of the corrective actions taken to resolve the problem. 

Upload Files & images

You can include files and images to support the story and to keep all the relevant information in one place.

Plan what needs to be done with tasks

You can plan what needs to be done to implement a solution using Tasks. Assign responsibility and due dates for tasks and track progress.

Add Links

Issues can link to other content in Toolbox via the ' Related Items' tab, e.g. link to a related Risk in the risk register, link to the relevant procedure in Documents, link to previous Issues where a similar problem was reported, link to the Asset.


The assignee and the creator will automatically be added as 'followers'. This means they will receive email notifications when the issue is created and when actions are added. You can easily add extra followers if you think someone needs to know what's going on. It is also possible for any user to follow an issue they are interested in.


The Issues register has powerful search options to quickly find the issue(s) you're looking for. Use tags, search fields, and/or tabs to get the right results. 

Track Costs

Track costs of nonconformance and other issues by adding costs, and view the costs of Issues in your reports.


Your exact search results can easily be viewed in the reports - just by switching to that view. You can continue to adjust the search results shown in the reports as you watch them update.