Upload a document as a file

You can manage your existing documents by uploading them into Toolbox. 

The file can be any format. 

To view the content, your users will need to download the file and open it with an appropriate application on their computer. 

First add a new document and then go to the draft tab where you'll be able to add and edit the document content. 

Click on one of the two files buttons.

In most cases you want to choose FILE (RELEASED).
If you don't want to release an editable file (e.g. docx) you can put a pdf version in (RELEASED) and keep the master copy under control in FILE (WORKING).
After you click on the FILE button, you'll be able to choose the file:

Either drag the file onto the window or click on the 'FILE' button to browse for the file you want to upload.
Click 'SAVE' to upload the file into Toolbox. 

Edit a document stored as a file.

To edit a document stored as a file, you need to download the file and open it up in an appropriate application to make your changes. Then save the file and upload it back into Toolbox.