A quick primer on how to find your way around in Quality Systems Toolbox.

To get to the different modules, choose one from the top menu bar in Toolbox:

Over on the right at the top there's more options. Here's what all those icons mean:
1 - Global search - by text for matching content across all modules
2 - Like the 'Worklist', but shown as a calendar view
3 - Shows user activity in the system - who's done what
4 - Show deleted items
5 - Profile and preferences - your details and how often notifications are sent
6 - Site Settings - create tags, configure types, manage users. 
If you don't see the trashcan (4) or the gear icon (6) then you don't have the right permissions to access these areas. 

Work List

This collects all the things in the system that are assigned to you - Documents due for review or approval, Issues that need your attention, Training records due to expire. Think of it as your 'to-do' list, and you'll see it via email once a week.

If your work list is empty, try the "Show All" tab to see everything. (If you still don't see anything when you click on Show All, you must have a fresh site that's still empty. Don't worry! You just need to create some content. For something quick and easy, add a document with just a name and a due date.)

You can click on the tabs and module summary boxes to filter the work list.

In the work list, click on the blue link text to go straight to your to-do item. 

Inside a Module

(Click on one in the top menu bar, e.g., 'Docs' for documents.)
Inside the modules, you'll always start with the Register or 'list' view.
There are multiple search options that you can use to find what you need, and you can use all of them together to really narrow your results. 
When you've found what you're looking for, click on the blue link text in the 'name' column to see the detailed view.

Search by tags

Click on a tag to instantly filter the results. If you choose more than one, your search results will show items with all the tags you select (it's AND not OR). If you don't see any tags listed in this area, there aren't any tags created in your site yet. Here's how to create them.

Search by fields

These options change from module to module depending on what information there is to search by. You'll always be able to search by text and by assignee and type (or something equivalent). When you enter something in the "Text Search" field, Toolbox looks for partial matches, and for Documents will search inside the released document - even if it's an uploaded file. 
The drop-down menus will apply the search as soon as you make a choice. For Text Search, just tab out of the field or hit 'enter' to let Toolbox know you're done typing. 

Search tabs

The tabs have some pre-configured searches for convenience. For example, click on 'mine' to search for everything assigned to me. It's the same as selecting myself in the 'assignee' search field - just faster. Here's more on what all these tabs mean.
The first tab, "SHOW ALL" resets all the search options to show you everything.

Global Search

There's also a global search up in the top right that lets you search across all the modules at once.

Results Views

You can change how you view your search results using the tabs on the right above your search results.
The first tab is the default List view. 
Use the next tab to access Reports. 
Export will download your search results as a *.csv file to open up in Excel.
Print what you see, using the Print tab (or just use your browser's built-in print function)
The ACTIVITY tab shows you system activity within this module.


It's right in Toolbox via the floating blue "?"