Bulk Actions

You can make some changes in Bulk across multiple items in a module, using the "Bulk Actions" button at the bottom of the register view. 

Different actions are available in different modules, but they all work in a similar way. 

Because 'Bulk Actions' edit multiple items at once, you will need to be in the 'Staff' or the relevant module_manager group to have permissions to make these changes. 

Members can use 'Bulk Actions' to manage their 'Collections' (the A, B, C tabs)

Reassign content

First find the content you want to transfer using the search options. If you're reassigning content, you might want to search by Assignee (or equivalent). In Documents, you might search by Approver or Editor.

Then look down the bottom of the list for a button "BULK ACTIONS" and click on it to see further instructions:

Choose some items in the search results (checkboxes appear to the left of each item), or use the 'select all' link. 
Note that 'select all' is only working on the current page of results, so you may wish to change the number of results you see per page (at the bottom right of the seach results). 

Then click on the link under Bulk Actions, " click here to continue". 
You'll see several options for actions you can perform on all the items selected. Some of the choices are specific to certain modules.
e.g., for Documents you'll see:
There's another step for each of these actions, e.g., to choose which user should be the new editor or approver, or choose which tag to add/remove, etc.
Make your choice and all of the selected items will be immediately updated.
The other modules have similar bulk actions available, with a few specialist ones. 

Expire Training Records

In the Training module, you can use Bulk Actions to set a new expiry date for a set of training records all at once. 
This will be useful if a process or procedure has changed and you need to track who has had training in the updated version. First use bulk actions to set a new expiry date to invalidate the previous training records. Then add new training records as staff complete training on the new version. 

Add new Training Records

You can use Bulk Actions to add a new training record to multiple employees all at once. You might want to do this after a training event with multiple attendees.