Documents Overview

The Documents module is the place for all your business documents to bring them under control. Toolbox manages versions and has a simple approval workflow to make sure everyone has access to your approved and up-to-date information.
You can manage your procedures, policies, work instructions, how-to's, company profile info, presentations, training materials, forms, checklists, design documents, drawings, specifications, standards, codes of practice, etc. QSToolbox holds all your internal and external documents.
For your existing documents, upload the file to bring it under document control. Any file format is OK.
You can also create your documents directly in Toolbox using text, image and diagram blocks. Access to these documents is just like viewing a webpage.
To get started:
  1. Add a new Document
  2. Then Add some Content
  3. When you've finished working on your content, you'll need to approve and release the document so your team members can access it. 

Document Formats

There's no need to convert your existing documents in order to control them in QSToolbox. You can upload your documents as a file (any format) and control them in QSToolbox as they are, or you can build your documents directly in QSToolbox with text, images, flowcharting using the built in editor. Documents built in Toolbox can be accessed as easily as a webpage - from any device. 
You are free to choose the format you want to use for each document, and can change your mind between versions without losing any of the version history. 
Documents Register
It's the first thing you see when you go into the Documents module, and it updates automatically whenever you update a document. You can easily use the search options to filter the register to see (or print) part of the register - e.g. a list of all policies. 
Rather than navigating though complicated folder structures, there are plenty of search options to find what you need. Some search options look at specific information - like the document type, the workflow status, who is the editor or approver. You can also search all your documents for matching text. 
The 'text search' option will look for matching text throughout the entire document and associated information (not just the title). In many cases, even the contents of uploaded files will be searched to find a match (for text based documents such as MS Word, Excel, pdf).
QSToolbox has a built in approvals workflow and controls access based on the status of the document. Documents begin as a ‘draft’, and get submitted for review. Access to documents in 'draft' or 'pending' review is limited. When the document is 'approved and released' it becomes visible to all your users. 
Version Control
Each time you approve and release a new version of a document, the new version becomes the one everyone can see, and the old version is automatically archived. 
QSToolbox stores the Revision Date and/or Revision Number information, together with your change comment. This follows the document content through the workflow so you always have the revision information for the version you're looking at. 
If you have the right permissions, you can access old superseded versions and their change information on the 'Superseded' tab. Everything is there, including the old uploaded file. 
Linking Documents
Documents can link to each other, e.g. one process might link to the next process, or a you might have a Procedure link to the appropriate Form.
Documents can also link to other content in QSToolbox, e.g. link to an Asset from the relevant Work Instruction. Link a Safe operating procedure to the relevant Risk Assessment(s).