Training Overview

The 'Training' module is about making sure everyone has the right competencies they need to get the job done correctly and safely. Assign roles and requirements to quickly identify training needs, while managing training records, inductions, licences, tickets and more - along with their expiry dates.
Toolbox gives you multiple ways to ‘slice and dice’ the information and store the files in the same place for easy retrieval. You can: 
  • Search the employee register to report by group, by tag, job, etc.
  • Generate a gaps report for your listed employees
  • Plan refresher training with advance notice of competencies that will expire soon

How it works: 
  1. Define what the required competencies are for each Job or role in your organisation. e.g. A "Driver" needs a "Driving Licence".
  2. Assign the Job to an Employee, e.g. Alex is a Driver. A Job can be assigned to multiple employees (e.g. you have 20 'Drivers'). 
  3. This will set the requirements for the employee - we now know that Alex needs to have a Driver's Licence on file. 
  4. Upload a Training Record for Alex with the Driver's Licence attached and set the expiry date.
  5. Let Toolbox tell you what's missing and coming up for renewal.