Chemical Safety Data Sheets

Perhaps you're assembling a Hazardous Chemicals Register, and even though there's a module called 'Registers', it is not the best place to store SDS. 

Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS) should be managed in the Documents module in QSToolbox, because they are external documents that need to be controlled.

You can easily retrieve your Hazardous Chemicals Register by searching the Documents module by Type:

SDS are valid for 5 years from the issue date and you can use the document Due Date to manage the expiry. 

You can use 'Related Items' to create links between the SDS and other content in QSToolbox - such as a Risk Assessment, or a procedure that describes how the chemical is used. These links make it easy for people to find relevant safety information in your system.

How to Upload SDS

You may need to add a document Type for 'Safety Data Sheets'. 
For each new SDS, add a new document. Use the chemical or product name as the document name so that it will appear in the documents register. 
When you enter the revision information, make sure you match what is on the document itself:

You may want to use the document description field to add information about where and/or how this chemical is used at your organisation. It may be helpful to show important hazard information so it's visible without having to open the attached file. 
When the SDS is approved and released, set the due date to be 5 years from the SDS issue date so you'll receive a reminder.